XFCE 4.10 udgivet.

Til mange XFCE brugeres glæde er XFCE 4.10 nu endelig udgivet efter 1 år og 4 måneders arbejde.

Af nye features er blandt andet:

A new application finder that has been completely rewritten and combines the functionality of the old xfce4-appfinder and xfrun4.
The panel now has an alternative vertical display mode (a deskbar). What is more, panel plugins can be arranged in multiple rows, which is particularly useful in the deskbar mode.
A new MIME type editor that allows you to easily change applications used for opening different file types. The mouse and touchpad settings dialog and the settings editor were extended in terms of functionality. The former now supports tablets in a much better way.
It is now possible to launch applications and open files on the desktop with a single click of the mouse. In addition, the 4.10 desktop can display thumbnails and automatically advance through the wallpaper list.
The window manager can be configured to tile windows when dragging them to the screen edges. The tab window (Alt+Tab) supports more flexible theming and cursor key navigation.

Læs mere her: http://xfce.org/download/changelogs/4.10

XFCE 4.10 tour der viser de største highlights: http://xfce.org/about/tour

Downloads af XFCE 4.10 kan findes her: http://xfce.org/download

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skulle linket til download

skulle linket til download ikke være denne?

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skulle linket til

#1: skulle linket til download ikke være denne?

Jo, det er rettet :-)

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det bliver helt rart at man

det bliver helt rart at man kan se thunbnails på skrivebordet, i stedet for en masse fil ikoner :-)

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Og det er endda uden at der