Banished city building simulator bliver portet til Linux.

Banished er et simulator spil i samme genre som Sim City men med stærk fokus på overlevelse. Banished har modtaget rigtig god omtale fra brugere på Steam og generelt på nettet, men nu ser det endelig ud til at det et spørgsmål om tid før vi Linux brugere kan nyde dette fantastiske spil.

"With the mod kit and steam workshop out there, I’ve been working on porting the game to OSX and Linux, cleaning up code, and writing some new code. I’ll still be fixing bugs and making small changes, but my focus now is going to be on ports, and building prototypes for new games.

I’ve built a new machine for developing on Linux, and bought some Mac’s, so I’m all set with hardware. And it’s been a while since I used makefiles, other IDEs, gcc/clang, or did any sort of *nix development, but I have done it so I’m not starting from ground zero.

But before I can actually go about working on the new hardware and compiling things, there are a few issues in the Banished code base that need fixing. I planned on porting the code base one day, so things are nicely setup into common code and platform specific code, but there are still some issues I didn’t properly account for."

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