Ca3D - flot 3d grafik motor

Så på at der er lavet en rigtig flot 3d motor med features som :

* OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering
* BSP, PVS and Portal-based rendering
* Naturally aligned textures
* Cube-mapped skies (environment maps)
* BMP, TGA, PNG and WAD file formats for all textures
* MipMap application and linear filtering for both minification and magnification
* Transparency (for glass, water, fences, grates, ...)
* Particle Effect Engine
* Resource management for efficient sharing of common textures, models, data, ...
* "PreCaching" of resources for stutter-free animations
* First engine ever to combine LightMaps with dynamic lighting effects!
* Radiosity-based, physically correct(!) lighting
* Dynamic, shader-driven, per-pixel lighting for both worlds and models
* Stencil buffer shadow volumes (everything casts shadows on everything!)
* Support for diffuse-, normal-, bump-, specular-, and luminance-maps
* Support for ATI and NVidia programmable GPUs and shaders
* Shader-driven, multi-textured or 2-pass LightMap rendering
* Soon: Spherical Harmonic Lighting...

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